A classic. Take two.A descendant of the classic ML7/5, the Durance is our newest, most outstanding 5.5” travel frame. Its aggressive geometry and ultra-efficient MonoLink rear suspension make the Durance at home just about anywhere, but especially in aggressive xc/enduro conditions, or even charging a Super-D event*. Its custom-drawn 6066-alloy tube set, and lowered top tube, perfectly complement the six-inch-travel DUC32 fork. We’ve also expanded the size range for the Durance. From small to XXL—riders up to 6’5” now have a Maverick to ride.

The Durance is the official team frame of Team, a group of seasoned professional racers based at Peak Cycle in Golden, CO. They chose to race the Durance because it is light and agile enough for XC and dual-slalom, yet plenty capable of competing in Super D as well. riders will compete in a full range of events this season and figure to be major players in key races such as the Mountain States Cup.

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Intended use*:

Marathon / Epic trail rides / Super-D
* A note on categories and intended use



How is the Durance different than other Mavericks?
• Premium 6066 alloy-fully custom Maverick drawn tube set
• Now with more 1/2" travel than Matic
• Slightly stretched out cockpit when compared to ML8


Travel: 5.5”
Frame: 6066 formed aluminum
Frame weight: 5.6 pounds (average)
Colors: Hard Ano, Black powdercoat, Wht front/Blk rear powdercoat
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

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Frame color:

MonoLink:: The heart of all Maverick frames is the MonoLink. This patented link houses the bottom bracket and connects the front triangle to the rear, resulting in the most efficient wheel path that a bicycle can have.
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Parallel Path Technology:: The patented design of the MonoLink and placement of the pivots results in a rear wheel path that follows almost symetrically the travel of the fork. The effect is a super-stable and efficient ride.
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Minimal Chain Growth:: Another benefit of the MonoLink is that the bottom bracket follows the movement of the rear axle to a certain degree, resulting in minimal chain growth and minimal pedal feedback.

Integrated Shock Body:: All Maverick shocks are integrated into the rear triangle by design. Having the shock be a structural member is what makes the Maverick frame stiffer than other bikes on the market.
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Custom HeadBadge:: Every single Maverick frame comes with stainless steel headbadge engraved with a unique "Serial Name" and "Birthdate" that the Maverick staff comes up with.
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