4.75” inches of Maverick-tuned suspension in our single-crown SC32. The SC relies on the same air-sprung, oil-damped construction as our DUC32, but in a more conventional version. We tuned the geometry to complement three-to-four-inch travel bikes. When paired with our ML7, Matic, or any cross-country frame, the SC32 provides pure Maverick ride-enhancing performance. Adjustable features include rebound, air pressure, oil volume and viscosity.

29’er version:
The SC32’s rigid design and minimal weight provides the balance and control that is critical to a 29-inch bike’s performance. Maverick 29’ers are spec’d by Castellano, Retrotec, Wily, Ahrens and many other progressive frame builders.


Travel: 4.75” (29'er: 3.4")
Weight: 3.8 pounds (29er: 3.8 as well)
Intended use*: Longer travel XC

SC32 fork requires a Maverick-compatible hub, sold separately.

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1. Size:

Inverted Design:: Take a close look at either Maverick fork and you see that the design is inverted from a traditional mountain bike fork design. Results include more active suspension, a better ride, and more control.
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Welded “H”:: Incredible stiffness and durability, with improved braking, and increased control. All that, and it’s lighter too!
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QuickFlip:: When we designed QuickFlip, we had two goals:
• To create the sturdiest union of fork and axle that we could.
• To make the system painlessly simple to use.
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24/7 Front Hub:: The Maverick 24/7 hub design is another great example of how we haven’t limited our own fork’s performance by limiting ourselves to the existing technologies available in hubs.
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Climbing Mode:: Turn the lever on top of the right fork leg on the DUC or the SC and your fork will stay compressed two inches below it's maximum travel.
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