At just 3.9 pounds, the air-sprung 6” travel DUC32 is the lightest double-crown fork  available. It  uses a proprietary monocoque “H” upper design to maximize fore/aft stiffness for precise handling, and the inverted construction puts the stronger, stiffer stanchions up high to resist flex. This design constantly bathes the bushings in oil, and gives the fork an active ride, even over small bumps. Integrated with the DUC stem and 24/7 front hub, the DUC32 is one of the stiffest and lightest suspension systems on the market, with plush long-travel and a truly useable Climbing Mode mode that lowers the bike’s front end 2” for improved climbing. The DUC32 is highly tunable, and is suitable for even the most demanding rider, and for virtually any condition.

29’er version:
The DUC32’s rigid design and minimal weight provides the balance and control that is critical to a 29-inch bike’s performance. Maverick 29’ers are spec’d by Castellano, Retrotec, Wily, Ahrens and many other progressive frame builders.

DUC32 Standard Stems:
    • 70mm / 30mm rise / 25.4 diameter
    • 90mm / 35mm rise / 25.4 diameter
    • 105mm / 35mm rise / 25.4 diameter
Most riders are comfortable with the 90mm stem. If you prefer a more upright riding position, use the 70mm stem. To stretch out more, use the 105mm length

DUC32 Adjustable Stems:
    • Short: 25mm rise / 31.8 diameter, adjusts to 75, 85, or 95mm
    • Long: 25mm rise / 31.8 diameter, adjusts to 100, 110, or 120mm

DUC32 Crown options:
    • Low: 130-148mm stack height*
    • Medium: 144-162mm stack height*
    • Tall: 154-172mm stack height*
* Measure total stack height: Head tube + Headset stack height = Total stack (do not include any additional spacers)


Travel: 6” (29'er: 4.6")
Weight: 3.9 pounds (29'er: 3.9 as well)
Intended use*: All-mountain / Super-D

The DUC32 fork requires a Maverick-compatible 24/7 hub, crown and stem which are sold separately.

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1. Size:

2. Color:

3. Crown Height:

4. Stem Length:

Inverted Design:: Take a close look at either Maverick fork and you see that the design is inverted from a traditional mountain bike fork design. Results include more active suspension, a better ride, and more control.
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Climbing Mode:: Turn the lever on top of the right fork leg on the DUC or the SC and your fork will stay compressed two inches below it's maximum travel.
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